Your washer always has great timing – it knows just when to break down. Right before vacation, or right after the big game when you’ve got that smelly uniform screaming to be washed! Let Appliance Repair of Scottsdale Company take care of your broken Washing Machine and you’ll have your laundry done in no time. If you schedule your appointment online, you’ll receive a discount!

  • Important Tip - Follow the proper loading procedure and machine operation.
  • Important Tip - Never overload the machine.
  • Important Tip – Add the recommended amount of detergent.

If your washing machine doesn’t work at all please follow these tips.
  1. Make sure power is getting to washer.
  2. Check for tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.
  3. Check wall socket for power. Sometimes the power cord disconnects at the washer.
  4. Make sure the lid is closed properly.
  5. Make sure the timer and all of the controls are set properly.
  6. Make sure both water faucets are turned on.

If you’ve tried everything and your washing machine still doesn’t work, give Appliance Repair of Scottsdale Company a call. We’ve been fixing washing machines in the Phoenix area for 10 years. Chances are we can fix yours in no time too!

Scottsdale Front Load washer repair

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