If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning like it should it could be these few, simple tricks will help. If you’re still not satisfied with how your dishes look or if your dishwasher isn’t working at all then call Appliance Repair of Scottsdale Company at 480-289-9778 – we’ll have your dishes sparkling in no time.
  • If the dishes aren’t getting clean, make sure the water temperature is getting hot enough to clean them. (at least 120 degrees)
  • If the water isn’t draining out of the dishwasher, make sure that the belt on the pump isn’t broken, a broken belt will keep the dishwasher from draining.
  • If there is a film on your dishes and glassware try cleaning the dishwasher with a cleaner specifically sold for cleaning them. Film on the dishes could be caused by calcium buildup.
  • If you haven’t used the dishwasher for awhile and it starts to smell bad you can clean it using a special dishwasher soap.
  • Over time, the small holes in the spray arms may get clogged. Take a moment to clean these small holes and your dishes will thank you for it.

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